The immigration system of Canada takes marriage fraud seriously. With the implementation of two new rules on spousal sponsorship: a 5-year sponsorship ban and a 2-year requirement of continuous romantic relations, the immigration office expects to forestall the prevalence of such crimes. Marriage fraud refers to asituation where one foreign national marries a Canadian citizen […]

Writing a will can save your beneficiaries from a lot of hassles if you do it the right way. But, before you write your will take some time to talk to your children or spouse about important things involved in your will. Some of the important contents of your will that you should discuss with […]

When you write a will in Alberta, you also choose your executor. Although the executor’s primary responsibility is to ensure the proper distribution of assets in your estate, there are many other duties associated with this role. So before you write the name of the executor of your will in Alberta, consider the following qualities […]

After the death of a testator (someone who made the will), the will acts as the source of authority for the transfer of assets from the testator to his or her beneficiaries. If done properly it acts as a guarantee that the designated heirs and beneficiaries shall receive their shares according to the wishes of […]

There is good news and bad news regarding parental sponsorship applications under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada family sponsorship class. First the good news: Citizenship and Immigration Canada is taking steps to reduce the backlog that parental (and grandparental) sponsorship applications are currently facing by increasing the number of parent/grandparent applicants admitted from approximately 15,500 […]

Hello Everyone. It’s been a while since I posted my last post so I decided to write a draft last weekend 😉 Aside from being a Calgary will lawyer, my specialization also includes immigration issues. And today, I am going to cover one immigration topic that I hope can shed some light to those that […]

Some people think that only those with conflicting interests need a will and estate planning lawyer. Others may rely on self-help materials or basic knowledge of succession. However, it is important to note that a will deals with vital concerns like guardianship of your minor children and distribution of assets, such as leaving your home, […]